Indie Music Crossword / #6 – Elemental-ary Speaking

Words and puzzle by Brendan

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a crossword puzzle. I blame school and life and all that jazz. But here I am, with a brand new brainteaser for your solving pleasure, chock full of musical clues and themes. By the way, if you’re new around here, be sure to check out my previous musically-oriented constructions: all 5 (so far!) of those puzzles are collected here on this page, and their solutions are posted, as well.

This puzzle is a fun one for ya, not too hard but not too too too easy, either! If you’ve got a scientific slant, then you might be better off for it, but it’s not a requirement. Anyway, I’ll stop being such a boron and let you get to the solving … :-)

I’ll remind you of the free AcrossLite software to open and solve .puz files on your computer. Highly recommended. There’s an iPhone/iPad app for that program, and there’s Shortyz for Android. If you’re a novice solver, check out some helpful tips and get started on some Monday puzzles from the New York Times.

I also offer my services for helpful hints and tips, so shoot me an email with any questions or comments or issues you have. Most of all, enjoy and share the puzzle!

DUL Indie Music Crossword #6

Difficulty: 7 — “Some difficult clues and tricky/obscure theme entries, but plenty of inroads to get you going!”

Solve in a Java applet
Download .puz file
Download .pdf file
Download .png file

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