Concert Preview / Draw Us Lines Presents #2

Zachary Cale + The Whiskey Holler + Meeting of Important People

Club Café (21+) / 04.27.2012 / 10:00 / $6

Words by Brendan

We’re back with another special evening of hand-picked local and national acts! After the rocking tunes at Brillobox in February, we’re paring everything down and having an acoustic evening. Heartfelt and twangy tunes, foot-stompin’, whiskey-drinkin’ (and hollerin’), and all that jazz. Except for the jazz, actually … Come on down to the Club Café on Friday evening and share the good times with us. Grab a ticket online here for just $6 from our pals at Opus One, RSVP for the Facebook event, and read on for more info about the wonderful bands!

Zachary Cale / Hello Oblivion
Zachary Cale / Mourning Glory Kid
Meeting of Important People / I Know Every Street

Zachary Cale

I think I first found Zachary Cale‘s music last year when I was scoping out some shows to see and he was playing at Howlers. Unfortunately, I missed that show, but I was turned on to his music and bought his newest album, Noise of Welcome, online. With the array of genres channeled through his impeccable songwriting and distinctly nasal voice—from barroom blues to rootsy Americana to Tom Petty-style pop rock—it’s been the soundtrack for many a morning, afternoon, and evening. What’s more, this is a truly perfect album, with every song blending in amongst the others, and (unlike many albums) it seems to get better as the songs progress and with every new listen. The ambient feedback in the opening “overture” is pretty misleading, because the rest of the tracks find Cale and his backing band sticking to more straightforward acoustic-ish (there are some plugged in guitars here and there and sparse percussion) folk songs that showcase his songwriting and lyrics. “Hello Oblivion” is a plaintive tune about regret and facing one’s troubles, and makes a great soundtrack for any liquor-soaked night and/or the ensuing morning. “Day For Night”, to contrast, is a rip-roarin’ number that will whip any country bar into a dancing frenzy, and “Mourning Glory Kid” is a similarly uptempo, poppy take on the folk/country genre. Those are just some of the highlights for me; I find myself engaging with this record on many levels when I listen, and can’t wait to see these songs played in person.

Zachary Cale has some other releases available on his Bandcamp page—including the excellent Walking Papers EP (which sounds all solo and much like what this show will be like, I presume)—as well as a Daytrotter session from last year, so do check those out and enjoy. He also helps out a lot with the All Hands Electric label and seems like a genuinely interesting and talented dude. We’re very pleased he’s making the trip out to Pittsburgh to play us some tunes.

Photo by Rebecca Chiapelli

The Whiskey Holler

You know we like these guys, and not just for the sheer awesomeness (and accuracy) of their band name, but also for their outstanding tunes. We were able to capture some of their magic on video in their recent Echo Chamber session and they were just as excellent at their recent EP release show. You can stream the whole Hive Songs release on their Bandcamp page and make it your own for the handsome price of $3, so go ahead and do that already.

Echo Chamber: The Whiskey Holler / Man Of Me from Draw Us Lines on Vimeo.

These four local lads have something special up their sleeves. If you haven’t seen them before, we highly recommend it. Their folk rock songs will have you clapping and singing along, and then you’ll be quiet and awe-struck, and then you’ll be dancing all over again. Quite the show, indeed, and it’ll be extra special at the intimate, starry-staged Club Café.

Meeting of Important People

On the face of it, the rowdy garage pop of MOIP might seem like an odd choice on this bill, but you would be oh so wrong to think that. Josh Verbanets is a talented musician who has a ton of fun when he’s playing, and that translates perfectly in a MOIP acoustic set. We’ve seen these guys play plugged in and unplugged all over town, and it’s always a rollicking ride. You can see what we mean in their Echo Chamber session from last year, especially in this lovely take of a new song, “Oh, Will You Finally Go?”:

Echo Chamber: Meeting of Important People / Oh, Will You Finally Go? from Draw Us Lines on Vimeo.

The band is hard at work on a new full-length album, thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and we’ll hopefully be lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some new tunes they’re working on!

That’s all the details, folks. Please accept our humble invitation and join us for a fantastic evening. As always, we’re all about the bands and their music and showing them support, plus we’ll have some cool DUL swag to share. Free high fives, of course. Fist bumps on a case-by-case basis.

Zachary Cale on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Insound
The Whiskey Holler on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp
Meeting of Important People on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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