Concert Preview / Eleanor Friedberger + TEEN

Eleanor Friedberger + TEEN + Cassandra Jenkins
Brillobox / 06.26.13 / 9:30 / $15

Words by Brendan

You may know The Fiery Furnaces, but do you know about Eleanor Friedberger‘s solo work? You really should. Merge Records released Last Summer back in July 2011 (i.e. last last summer) and I ate that record up, a great slab of AM-radio pop with perfect songwriting, and Eleanor’s wit and lovely voice. A new LP, Personal Record, was released earlier this month and it’s proving to be just as great, and living up to its literal title. She’s now on tour with awesome new New York band TEEN (featuring Teeny Lieberson of inventive indie pop band Here We Go Magic), and they’re stopping at the Brillobox on Wednesday night with New York singer/songwriter Cassandra Jenkins. Don’t miss it! Read on for some more info about the bands and the show, and see yinz there!

As singer/guitarist for The Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger made songs with her brother, Matthew. With her solo project, Eleanor creates songs that admittedly sound a bit like what you’d expect from the Furnaces without Matt’s hand, but they definitely transcend that characterization. The best part is that it’s hard to explain just how they do so. Eleanor Friedberger‘s voice is gorgeous, there’s no denying that, but that can’t be the “missing link”. Her lyrics are creative and incisive, but that’s not to say the Furnaces‘s songs aren’t either. I guess the difference is that this is an Eleanor record, and an Eleanor record only. No one else could make this but her, and that makes it even more compelling, beyond its extant appeal.

Eleanor Friedberger / “My Mistakes” / Last Summer [Merge , 2011]


TEEN was started by Teeny Lieberson back in 2009 when she wrote a 5-song EP while on hiatus from keyboarding for Here We Go Magic. Later, in 2011, she and an official full band released an LP, In Limbo, but it’s a record that is very much full-formed and cohesive, far from being “in limbo”. There are tinges of psychedelia, folk, and drone-pop to their unique form of indie rock, and it’s all incredibly appealing. They just released an EP, Carolina, about two weeks ago (also on the impressive independent Carpark label). Some of the folksier songs remind me of Quilt, some of the gloom-pop-ier tunes remind me of Warpaint, but mostly this band just reminds me of themselves, and I dig that. Can’t wait to see these tunes live.

TEEN / “Electric” / In Limbo [Carpark, 2011] / dir. Sam Fleischner + Megha Barnabas


Psyched for this show! I’ve loved Eleanor’s solo records, and after seeing the Fiery Furnaces play here a few years back, this will really be awesome. Totally digging the sounds and sights of TEEN as well. See yinz there!

More info: Facebook event / Buy tickets Online or call 412.621.4900

Eleanor Friedberger on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Insound

TEEN on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Insound

Cassandra Jenkins on the web: Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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