Concerts Out The Wazoo / 07.28.2011 – 08.02.2011

Words by Brendan

It’s another one of those weekends, folks. The stars have aligned, or there’s something in the water, or the gods must be crazy, who really knows. The bottom line is this: there are a ton of shows going down in the next few days that you should go to. You can’t see ‘em all, sadly, or maybe you can (please tell us if you do!) but here are our picks. Stream some mp3s right here and read on after the jump for all the details. I guarantee you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.

Big Hurry / Gets Me Low
Chad Sipes Stereo / Young Man’s World
Mike Tamburo / The Chemical Bride
Disappears / Guider
New Shouts / Save Me
Black Lips / Modern Art
Wye Oak / Holy Holy

Friday 07.29.2011

Photo by Rebecca Chiappelli
Harlan Twins / Big Hurry / Long Time Darlings / Brillobox / 10:00 / $7
You know we love Big Hurry at this point, right? C’mon. They rock. (And they’re all delightful people, to boot!) They’ll play a fully electric and awesome set tonight, sandwiched between the Harlan Twins and Long Time Darlings. Local folk-rockers Harlan Twins put on a fantastic live show, and they packed the Brillobox last time I saw them. If you haven’t seen ‘em before, do it. Long Time Darlings have an upbeat rock vibe goin’ on, based on their Bandcamp single I just listened to. Sounds solid. Should be a fun show!
Facebook event / Buy tickets online
Big Hurry on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp
Harlan Twins on the web: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp
Long Time Darlings on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

Photo by Hugh Twyman
Chad Sipes Stereo (CD Release) / Triggers / Thunderbird Cafe / 8:00 / $5
Chad Sipes and the three guys he plays with (Erik Cirelli on guitar, Paul Smith on drums, Jon Miller on keyboard/guitar) recorded their newest LP, their third as a group, by playing everything live in a Lawrenceville studio named Less Than Or Equal To, whence the album name. It was the first time they worked with a hired producer and the result is a little more polished than previous albums, but they sacrificed none of their power-pop energy and still sound as rockin’ ever, especially with the addition of the extra keyboard/guitar sounds. Check out a nice writeup in yesterday’s Post-Gazette for more info about the album, and stream a preview over on their Bandcamp page. Local energetic pop band Triggers will join them at the Thunderbird to officially celebrate the release of the new album, so head on down to Larryville and pick up a new CD, hot off the presses!
Facebook event / Buy tickets online
Chad Sipes Stereo on the web: Website / Facebook / Bandcamp
Triggers on the web: Facebook / Twitter

Photo by girlghost
Mike Tamburo / Brother Ong / Gypsy Café / 9:00 / FREE
This isn’t so much a concert, per se, but I thought I’d point it out because it sounds interesting. I’ve never been to the Gypsy Café, but they say it “follows a seasonal path through Europe, offering an eclectic selection of homestyle dishes that is a perfect fit to [their] location in a landmark reclaimed church on the historic South Side.” Sounds good to me. This evening, Mike Tamburo will be playing two different half-hour sets for café patrons, one on hammered dulcimer and one on shahi baaja (Brother Ong is just his alias for shahi baaja sets). I’ve seen him play the dulcimer a couple of times before and it was fascinating to watch. If you’re looking for a peaceful night of food and live music (perhaps a Friday night date, even?) this might be your best bet.
Mike Tamburo on the web: Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Saturday 07.30.2011

Disappears / Brain Idea / Knot Feeder / Brillobox / 10:00 / $8
I am very much excited for this show. Disappears released one of my favorite albums of this year so far and I gushed about that here back in January. Since that album release, the band has picked up Sonic Youth‘s drummer, Steve Shelley, for their live shows (!!!!) and have toured all over Europe and North America. Their upbeat krautrock stylings are just so great, it’s like they wrote their songs specifically for my ears, and seeing them up close and personal at the Brillobox will be nothing short of magical. Also playing are Brain Idea, who have a similar sonic mixture of drone rock and reverb-heavy pop, and locals Knot Feeder (featuring former members of Pgh’s most famous math rock band, Don Caballero). I guarantee this will be an awesome event. See yinz there.
Facebook event / Buy tickets online
Disappears on the web: Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook
Brain Idea on the web: Facebook / Mexican Summer Records / Permanent Records
Knot Feeder on the web: Website / Facebook /

Photo by Elle & Arre
New Shouts / Nik Westman / Uno Lady / Thunderbird Cafe / 9:00 / $5
More local faves of ours! New Shouts rule the school. The school of retro soul pop, that is. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes to the Thunderbird for their set. Nik Westman, he of Nik & the Central Plains, will be playing an acoustic set, as well, so be sure to catch that unique opportunity. Uno Lady is a self-described “one woman ghost choir” featuring Christa Ebert from Cleveland and her beautiful voice, looped over and through and in itself. Fascinating stuff. There’s a rumor that a “Mystery Parrot” may be involved, too? Not sure what that’s all about, so you better go and see what’s up.
Facebook event
New Shouts on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp
Nik & the Central Plains on the web: Website / Facebook
Uno Lady on the web: Website / Facebook

Monday 08.01.2011

Black Lips / Night Beats / Mr. Small’s / 8:00 / $12
There’s something already inherently interesting about a band that combines elements of 60s garage rock and blues with punk sensibilities and ends up with some seriously catch “flower punk” pop songs. But add in the fact that these dudes are just flat out wild and crazy, and you have a must-see show. I will now cite an entire sentence from Wikipedia as evidence: “The Black Lips are noted for provocative theatrics – including vomiting (Cole’s medical condition), urination, nudity, electric R.C. car races, fireworks, a chicken, and flaming guitars.” Yes. Doesn’t that sound entertaining? (Speaking of entertaining, their Twitter feed is pretty wild.) They’re touring in support of Arabia Mountain, an album produced by Mark Ronson (who has previously worked with Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Christina Aguilera, among others) and Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter‘s guitarist). Mark actually almost died eating liver sashimi to prepare for recording the track “Raw Meat”. That’s committment. The record itself is great, definitely a bit more polished than their past stuff, but still bursting with edgy garage pop jams, simultaneously psychedelic and soulful. Also playing is Night Beats, a seemingly perfect touring partner band for the Black Lips with their 60s psych-rock revival jams. This oughta be a good one, that’s for sure.
Facebook event / Buy tickets online
Black Lips on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter
Night Beats on the web: Facebook

Tuesday 08.02.2011

Wye Oak / Sleep Experiments / Club Cafe / 8:00 / $8
Jim set you up for this one earlier this week. We are seriously psyched for this show. Wye Oak are something special, and their swirling and creative indie-rock-folk-pop songs are difficult to categorize, but suffice it to say that you NEED to see them live. Jenn Wasner’s powerful vocals and guitar shredding are even more impressive in person, and I still don’t know how Andy Stack manages to drum with one hand and play keyboard with the other despite seeing it with my own two eyes. Club Cafe will be an impressively intimate place to see them play, too. You have until Sunday morning to enter our contest to win 2 FREE TICKETS to this show, so do it already! (Big thanks to Opus One Productions for that.) Pittsburgh band Sleep Experiments will open the show, playing some dreamy pop tunes and living up to their name, I guess you could say. Should be awesome.
Facebook event / Buy tickets online
Wye Oak on the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter
Sleep Experimentson the web: Facebook / Bandcamp

So many choices, so little time! Where will yinz be this weekend? Let us know, and see ya around town. And be sure to check out our Concert Calendar for other shows coming up!

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  1. Super psyched for the Disappears show…Brain Idea had one of the best albums of last year so I’m pumped to finally catch them.

  2. Big Hurry, etc. were spectacular last night. Prob trying to hit Thunderbird tonight for New Shouts and the rest. And if I know my friend Jake, he’ll probably be at Sleep Experiments, so I might catch that one as well.

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