Echo Chamber: Lohio

[Echo Chamber (′ek·ō ′chām·bər): noun, 1. a dedicated space for the purposes of transmission and repetition of sound 2. a video segment that features your favorite bands playing your favorite songs 3. a video segment where your favorite bands blow your mind].

Words by Jim

Band / Lohio
Songs / “We’ll Hide Ourselves Underneath” & “Adelai”
Location / Apartment in Regent Square
Time / Sunday Morning

It was the morning of Halloween…and early too. Really early. I can’t remember whose idea it was to start this thing off so early (probably mine). Ugh. Hoping for some of that morning sunshine, the day greeted me with overcast skies and a flat matte finish grey. Perfect. This was our first attempt into the realm of video and it was already starting off as a challenge. I texted Justin to make sure he was awake, as his recording skills were going to be pretty vital to this whole operation. I got an “on my way” back from him and the skies seemed to brighten just a little bit. What was I missing? Oh yeah, breakfast. Hitting up the local Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, I made it back just in time as Greg and Liz from Lohio pulled up to start unloading. We carried in guitars and an old and tiny wooden air organ. Afghans from Grandma. Greg’s dog Waylon came along to watch. Paul brought his trumpet and ukelele. Emily and Erik arrived with an old battered viola case and electronic slide guitar. The apartment went from empty to filled with excited chatter over hot coffee and jelly-filled donuts. Todd traipsed up the steps in a hoodie with four bags of camera gear looking like sleep was still in his eyes. A text from Justin let me know he was here and needed help carrying his load up the steps. Yes! Now we’re talking. Forty-five minutes later and everyones fed, caffeinated, and comfortable. Miraculously, the sun comes out as Todd is doing his cinematographer dance around the living room and Lohio gently assembles the fragile parts of “We’ll Hide Ourselves Underneath”.

We’ll Hide Ourselves Underneath from Draw Us Lines on Vimeo.

Things were going smoothly. No one looked into the camera. No one broke character. Our phones were on silent. The band was getting more and more into it with each take we ran through. Victory was bittersweet. Liz was having an issue with the ghosts of former cats in the apartment. Each take forced her to focus her efforts on not sneezing into the lav mic perched on the lapel of her jacket. We were approaching sometime around noon as we shifted gears to the up-beat keyboard blips of “Adelai”. I was in the kitchen with Waylon trying to keep him quiet.

Adelai from Draw Us Lines on Vimeo.

We wrapped with a sigh of relief and the snapping shut of guitar cases and mixer cabinets. It was finally time to pack it up and watch some football for the rest of the day. I needed a nap. We exchanged handshakes and kind words. A few hugs and clasping of elbows transpired in the streets of Regent Square with the excitement still sitting inside our stomachs. This was something good.

We’ll Hide Ourselves Underneath

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  1. Wow… Great job, you lot. Looks and sounds awesome all around. I’m excited for the next one.

  2. i like it. i like it alot.

  3. That’s a good lookin’ dawg

  4. Too sweet!

  5. blown away. well done!

  6. Wow.

  7. This is really amazing.

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  9. oh. my. god. i’m so happy

  10. You guys are fantastic… plain and simple… beautiful songs that create soundscapes like few do!

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  12. Boca Chica leaves me in a peaceful state…video shoot draws me into the gathering. Love it!

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