“My Favorite Songs of 2013 So Far…” Mix

Words by Ricky

There’s still another 5 or so months until “best of 2013″ lists dominate every publication in existence. Let’s get a head start, shall we?

Somehow it’s already the end of July. Holy crap, 2013, slow the hell down! It felt like just yesterday we were celebrating the freezing new year–now we’re tanning at the pools and wearing trendy sunglasses and retreating to air conditioned movie theaters to watch giant robots beat each other up. Significantly unproductive (code word for “lazy”) months dominated most of my year so far. Hell the typeface on that photo above was probably the most creative thing I’ve touched the past couple of months, sorry to say. Thankfully my “new music” curiosity proliferates by the day. So at least I feel qualified to make a mid-year mix!

There’s still the second half of 2013 waiting to smack us across the face, but it’s never too early for some 2013 faves…15 of them! Everything from the serious to the ridiculous. Check’em out–then feel free to buy the albums and support independent music and stuff.

Fair warning: LOTS of New Zealand bands creep up on this list. And sorry Kanye fans, but don’t expect the Wrath of Kan to make it anywhere near this mix.

01. Savages, “Husbands”
02. Overseas, “Redback Strike”
03. The Chills, “Molten Gold”
04. Surf City, “It’s a Common Life”
05. Rackets, “Separator”
06. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, “Killer Diller”
07. Fuck Buttons, “The Red Wing”
08. Deathfix, “Dali’s House”
09. Splashh, “Need It”
10. Milk Music, “New Lease on Love”
11. Captain, We’re Sinking, “Annina, We Will Miss You”
12. Pity Sex, “Keep”
13. Sink Tapes, “Borrow Sorrow”
14. Rader Brothers, “If We Were Banished”
15. Zomes, “Time Was”

Now feel free to let me know if I missed any goodies.

5 Responses to ““My Favorite Songs of 2013 So Far…” Mix”

  1. ダンヒルのdesire

  2. What did you get out of “Husbands” other than a cheap Patti Smith “Horses” + Joy Division “Day of Lords” rip off? Seriously want to know what the buzz around this band is all about.

  3. Agreed…so many of the bands today are “cheap rip offs” of better bands. The only difference with that song is that it’s actually kinda good and makes me want to jump around and have fun.

  4. Nice list. A lot of goodies in here to add to my playlists. Thanks so mcuh.

    A good one I think you might like is “Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster” by Thee Oh Sees.

  5. Majority of the tracks are good. It’s a fair considerable list.

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