Wheels on Fire

It’s easy to forget how good music used to be. There’s so many great bands doing exciting things right now that are new and innovative and pushing our ears and brains to new limits that it’s easy to forget what a ridiculous back catalog of absolute brain melting music is behind us. Maybe the “classics” isn’t your thang, but it’s worth your time to sit down and revisit some of the old greats. Personally, sometimes it takes a new band playing vintage music to remind me of these facts. Case in point – Wheels on Fire teleports me to that simpler time when lo-fi guitars and a snare, kick drum, and hi-hat were all you needed to rock the shit out of it. They are new to us and maybe they’re new to you, too.

Wheels on Fire / Black Wave
Wheels on Fire / Broken Up

Wheels on Fire is a four-piece from Athens, OH who’s only concern is playing straight ahead garage rock and roll. Chunky guitar chords and double snare hits conjure images of The Kinks, The Clash, The Ramones, The Stooges and all numbers of 60′s rock groups. One song in general,”Broken Up”, off their new 7-inch Cherry Bomb makes me think of that amazing scene in Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox just rips through his own version of “Johnny B. Goode” (you know you love that scene too. That defined a fucking generation!). These tunes are catchy, infectious, and filled to the brim with great melodies, great guitar work, and big hooks. I’m a sucker for lo-fi production as well, so it doesn’t hurt that that vocals are distorted and the whole affair has that reel-to-reel sound. Dual vocals give the songs an edgy, pissed off sound. Did I describe it enough? Are you interested yet? This shit rules.

Now as I mentioned above, Wheels on Fire has a new 7-inch released called Cherry Bomb. Out on Kind Turkey Records, the band is currently making their way through Europe supporting a rather impressive back catalog of tunes. Listen to the songs above, watch the delightfully washed out and fun video below, and definitely check out their myspace for a healthy dose of vintage, old school garage rock. You can check out the full catalog on ITunes and eMusic.


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