Song Diary / 03.15.2012

Song: “I Want To Forget”
Artist: Psychic Twin

Headlights have released some of the prettiest indie pop albums in Polyvinyl’s entire catalog (seriously, check out Some Racing, Some Stopping), but as of January of this year, the band has gone the way of so many other great musical entreprises: extinct. Lucky for us, vocalist/keyboardist Erin Fein and drummer Brett Sanderson have continued to write songs as Psychic Twin. The new moniker marks a subtle shift from guitar- and keyboard-led melodic pop to more electronic psychedelia, but the overall goal is very much the same: create the prettiest fucking thing you’ve ever heard. The band has only a digital single to their name, at this point, and the B-side, “I Want To Forget”, is worming its way into my ears, all around my brain, and straight through to my heart. The bouncy synth sounds carry the song with a surprisingly effective mix of glockenspiel- and steel drum-esque tones, while Fein’s gorgeous voice floats above it all: “I just wanna go somewhere that they will never find me / I just wanna run away and never look behind me / I just wanna forget!” You said it, Erin, but I never wanna forget this song …

—Cheers, Brendan

[Song diary is a random but reoccurring segment where we highlight specific songs that have been living inside our heads while staying away from all the album and band specifics. Sometimes they're ours, sometimes other peoples. Email us if you want to do one! Think of it like a virtual mix tape that's always being updated. Click the tab up top to open a new window so you can listen to all the songs on one music player]

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