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So we typically toss a video onto a post when highlighting a new band or a show preview or something and let you draw your own conclusion about it. Sometimes we throw a change-up… strike that — let’s call it a round up. Most of these videos are of bands we have previously talked about here on Draw Us Lines, so we won’t be telling you much about those bands themselves, just some musings that really aren’t worth a damn. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video must be worth a million. Hold on to your hats!

Words and picks by Brendan

Today we’re featuring videos from Tame Impala, Foxygen, Brooke Annibale, Hallelujah The Hills, and White Wives.

Tame Impala / “Mind Mischief” / Lonerism [Modular, 2012] / dir. Modular + Urban Outfitters


Damn. I never would have pegged this song, while listening to it, as a repressed sex fantasy, essentially. After watching this video, though, it all makes sense. The sultriness of the guitar sounds and Kevin Parker’s vocals, the stuttery rhythms that almost feel like they’re going to pick up and then cycle back to the original tempo … oh man, and the crazy, psychedelic animation in the middle? This is all wild and weird and wonderful. Everything I expected a great Tame Impala video to be.

Foxygen / “San Francisco” / We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic [Jagjaguwar, 2013] / dir. Cameron Dutra


Truth be told: I’m way more into this video because of the song than the visuals. The song is just that great. That said, though, there’s a charming appeal to the video that reflects the elements of the song I really like. The fashion sense displayed are a little ridiculous (a little too San-Fran-in-the-60s), but the ViewMaster-vision views of the Golden Gate reflect a deeper reminiscence that Foxygen embodies. I tried to explore these types of themes in my recent, lengthy review of this album, but no words I could possibly spill on such a matter would do justice to justice immersing yourself in their sounds and sights. I get the feeling that’s all the band really wants, and you’re better off for it. I’m losing myself in this song/video as I’m watching now …

Brooke Annibale / “Middle Of The Mess” / Words In Your Eyes


Brooke Annibale‘s new EP, Words In Your Eyes, is hauntingly gorgeous, and this video epitomizes that. There’s little more than Brooke playing her acoustic guitar and singing, but the hazy and unsteady camera work, set in a sunset-lit forestscape, really sets an appropriate mood. This is a love song, whose lyrics sound uplifting and optimistic, but the music is anything but that, and it makes for a jarring audio/visual experience that will stick with you. The video premiered on No Country For New Nashville last month. (Great blog name, by the way), and you can catch Brooke at her Pittsburgh show on Saturday 03/09 to celebrate the release of this new EP! Check out more details at Club Cafe’s website, or see my preview posted yesterday here on DUL.

Hallelujah The Hills / “Call Off Your Horses” / No One Knows What Happens Next [Discrete Pageantry, 2012] / dir. Ryan Walsh


It’s hard to characterize the ingenuity of Hallelujah The Hills, but maybe this video can do the work for me. The song is upbeat and poppy, fitting right into their signature sound of rockin’ folk-guitar and horns, blended together with singer Ryan Walsh’s distinct voice. (It’s not like it’s nasally or weirdly-toned or anything; I can just hear it and know that it’s him.) The visuals come from work with a theatre company in Cambridge, MA, just outside their hometown of Boston. This description of mine is dry and dull, so I’ll just turn your attention back to the video; it’s hard to look away from it. (The building and subsequent destruction of the colored cube on the desk is my favorite segment.)

White Wives / “Spinning Wheels” / Happeners [Adeline, 2011] / dir. Altar.TV


White Wives, as you may know already, is made up of many amazing Pittsburgh musicians: Roger (aka Roger HarveyAnti-Flag, and Tyler of American Armada. “Spinning Wheels” is a standout song of theirs, both for its awesomeness and its uniqueness amongst the cuts on their album, Happeners. This special live recording for the folks at Altar.TV really captures their energy and personality, particularly accentuated by Roger’s talking-head description of the tune at the very beginning.

There ya have it, our video picks for this week. Any thoughts? Dig the tunes? Love the cinematography? Think you could do better? Leave some comments and we’ll chat it up.

P.S. Here’s an extra reminder about Brooke Annibale’s show on Saturday 03/09 at Club Cafe. Don’t miss it! See yinz there!

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